The Eforie Nord - Eforie Sud sector is located in the central part of the seaside area, consisting of two settlements with permanent spa functions. It has a length of about 10 km being bordered north of Agigea and south of Tuzla. In close proximity to these localities is Lake Techirghiol known for the healing properties of its mud, the lake that provides the link between recreational and spa tourism, having a diverse infrastructure of recreational facilities, sports grounds, swimming pools with nautical accessories, etc.

The development of this area which started in the twentieth century, began with the rapid expansion of the resort and the complementary tourist activities, Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud becoming urban development centers.

Since 1967, the Constanta port has begun to develop in the south, to the immediate proximity of the Eforie sector, a development generated mainly by the Danube-Black Sea channel. It should be mentioned that the atropic intervention in this area led to the continuous definition of the shoreline, to the increasing of the erosion and sedimentation tendencies in the Eforie Nord-Eforie Sud sector.

At the same time, the distinctive feature of this area is the concavity of the shoreline in the direction of the NW-SE, and the rocky relief alongside the coastal area. Also, the presence of Lake Techirghiol is the main factor in defining the evolution of the coastal belt.

The case study will focus on the phenomenon of erosion and the interactions between water and land.