The village of Sfântu Gheorghe

The village of Sfântu Gheorghe, the extreme point of Romania, represents one of the most important localities of the Danube Delta, being considered as defining for the complexity, diversity and specificity of this area.

This one it`s situated at the confluence point between the Danube and the Black Sea, at a distance of about 120 kilometers away from Tulcea.
The Danube Delta is a complex area both in terms of natural heritage as well as from the point of view of the numerous anthropic influences exerted by social groups, cultural groups, cultural, an local or central governments.

The main competitive advantage of this area is represented by the richness of the natural environment that offers significant opportunities to bring added value to the region by promoting an economy geared to the non-consumption of living natural resources and preserving local cultural traditions.
The cultural and environmental wealth and diversity from this area they attract economic opportunities for the development of tourism, fishing, aquaculture, agriculture and handicraft workshops.

At the same time, in order to limit the threat generated by unsustainable consumption of resources, it is necessary to identify common solutions that will ensure the protection and capitalization of the existing potential.

Another important aspect is the need to preserve and promote the mobile and immovable property of the Danube Delta's cultural heritage (traditions, art, local gastronomy, cultural sites and events) as distinctive elements of competence.
One of the biggest challenges facing the Danube Delta and especially the village of Sfantu Gheorghe is a poor connectivity, which exacerbates the gap between cities and isolated (poorly developed) locations.

At the same time, the difficult access to basic urban services, medical clinics, education and social services in the region are defining issues for the Danube Delta localities that require integrated and sustainable solutions that will lead to the raising of the living standards and the activity of these areas.
Considering the natural potential of this site, the need to protect and capitalize on it, and the need to ensure an optimum level of living for resident landing, the village Sfantu Gheorghe represents the bargaining place between the need to conserve natural elements and the need for economic development of the locality.
Although that the village of Sf. Gheorghe has benefited from a series of measures to protect the natural environment, it has been confronted with many human activities that have led to imbalances and negative impacts on biodiversity.

At the same time, the decentralization of the economy has led to the emergence of new ways of configuring the economic activities based on the private initiative, which bring about changes in the functional and social structure of the locality.

The spread of strictly protected areas throughout the Danube Delta reserve makes any anthropogenic action produced in a particular part of the area felt by the existing biotopes, and therefore it is necessary to optimize the way the biosphere works, on the one hand, must maintain its integrity and, on the other hand, the way of ensuring the human activities that exploit the resources of this area.

Therefore, in order to ensure sustainable development, it is necessary to strike a balance between the protection of the unique natural heritage and the cultural heritage, meeting the aspirations of the inhabitants of the region to improve living conditions and to identify better economic opportunities.

This case study will provide new approaches to the impact of the Danube on an area located in the Danube Delta biosphere reserve. One of the most interesting areas studied is the Sacalin Island located in the south of St. Gheorghe, considered to be the newest Romanian land with a large variety of plant and animal species.

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