Cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning for Black Sea, Bulgaria and Romania (MARSPLAN-BS II)

1 MRDPW 2 MPWDA Ro 3 National Centre for Regional Development 4 INCDM Antipa 5 Center for Coastal and Marine Studies 6 GeoEcoMar 7 OUC Ro 8 N Vaptsarov Naval Academy

Main project results:

Logo MSP II- Development of Maritime Spatial Plan: Maritime Spatial Plan projects with updated GIS model and database compliant with the cross-border context; Integrated and ecosystem-based approaches applied and main issues identified, potential for future uses and challenges identified; Multi-sectoral cooperation further developed; Stakeholders identified and involved in the overall process of MSPs and EIA discussions and consultations; organized interdisciplinary workshops with different national authorities and stakeholders; Determined crosssectoral cooperation obstacles and economic and environmental benefits; Guidelines and set of indicators for MSPs implementation monitoring and evaluation;

- Connecting cross-border to national MSP processes: Common strategy for the management of maritime activities in cross-border area; Process for stakeholder involvement in cross-border MSP; Identification and evaluation of best practices for LSI in cross-border area; Delivery of lasting mechanism to exchange information between Member States; Shift from sectoral approach to an integrated MSP and MU of cross-border maritime activities;

- Management and coordination: Steering Committee created and meetings organized; Advisory Board established and meetings organized; Ensuring financial control and audit; Internal cooperation agreement signed by all partner to ensure sustainable project implementation; Accurate reporting to EASME; Development of lasting cooperation on MSP between project partners;

- Communication and Dissemination: Project conferences; Website updated; Publications and promotion materials; Dissemination to institutions relevant to Integrated maritime policy and MSP.

Cross-Border Maritime Spatial Plan for the Black-Sea Romania and Bulgaria (MARSPLAN - BS)

Main project results:

    • Logo MSP I- Maritime spatial plan for the cross-border area (Romania -Bulgaria);
    • - Report on institutional and legislative framework of Black Sea maritime spatial planning;
    • - Integrated report – detailed analysis of Bulgarian and Romanian maritime areas;
    • - Case studies;
    • - Common methodology for analysis and for spatial planning;
    • - Common principles, strategic vision and objectives of MSP.