Online workshop was held on coastal and marine tourism in the Black Sea

1 MRDPW 2 MPWDA Ro 3 National Centre for Regional Development 4 INCDM Antipa 5 Center for Coastal and Marine Studies 6 GeoEcoMar 7 OUC Ro 8 N Vaptsarov Naval Academy

Thematic online workshop was held on November 5th, 2020 under project agreement EASME/EMFF/2018/ „Cross border maritime spatial planning in the Black Sea – Bulgaria and Romania - MARSPLAN-BS II”, co-funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) of the European Union.

Due to the safety measures, the meeting was carried out in video-conference format and the organizer was „Ovidius” University of Constanța. Representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration of Romania and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria, as well as leading experts in maritime spatial planning took part in the workshop.

Using MSP tools the participants discussed on strengths, weaknesses and future trends for development of the tourism sector. The experts presented their analysis and opinions on the trends of development of the sector in Bulgaria and Romania, the possibilities for better development and protection of our reach underwater cultural heritage, the impact of mass tourism on the LSI, the possibilities to adapt tourist activities to the present situation and their restoration after COVID crises.

All participants were convinced that MSP is a powerful instrument for boosting the development of all marine sectors which brings together not only economic interests, but also try to make a balance between ecological, social and economic issues based on a huge amount of information and data, scientific findings and conclusions. Participants noted that coastal and maritime tourism are crucial sector of the Blue Economy in Bulgaria and Romania and unfortunately, they are the most impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and with a long recovery path.

At the workshop, the experts did presentations related to the tourist activities in the Black Sea, their strengths and weaknesses and discussed important aspects in this sphere, suggested ways for its effective sustainable development.