The first workshop on transport and MSP was held in Varna, Bulgaria on the topic: Proposal for a new Traffic Separation Scheme

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The seminar took place at Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy on 12th December 2019 in Varna, Bulgaria. It is planned under the activities of the MARSPLAN-BS П project. The forum was opened by the deputy head of the educational and scientific part at Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy - Captain I rank Prof. Dr. Kalin Kalinov.

Representatives of Romanian partners and different institutions and agencies related to the maritime spatial planning were invited to attend the event.

The draft of the Traffic Separation Scheme developed in the previous programming period was presented to the audience and the revealed conflicts of the existing separation scheme and identified areas with other marine activities were discussed.

Communication between responsible institutions can be specified as a major priority. Institutions, agencies and municipalities are willing to cooperate, but the degree of digitalization of the information they request is low and requires frequent visits to the institutions, continuous search in the archives and additional work to digitalize the information received.

It was identified that the sector of the aquaculture need more research in the field of suitability of areas for aquaculture development and research on development prospects of the sustainability of this sector.

Тhe main stakeholders in the meeting were Bulgarian Navy, Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company, Executive Agency “Maritime Administration” and Black Sea Basin Directorate – Varna.

After the workshop it was agreed that reviewing and discussing of NATURA 2000 conflict zones and upgrading the Traffic Separation Scheme are needed to be discussed with more details and at different decision taking level.

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