The 4th International Maritime Spatial Planning Forum was held on November 21st, 2019 at the University of Latvia in Riga

The Fourth International MSP Forum entitled "Global Maritime Spatial Planning Meets Regional Experience in Cross-Border and Cross-sectoral Planning" was formally opened by the Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and Parliamentary Secretary of the Republic of Latvia, Mr. Arthurs Toms Ples , Mr Felix Lineman - EC, Mr Julien Barbier, Head of Maritime Policy and Regional Coordination at UNESCO, from the Rector of the University of Latvia, and Mr Jacob Granit - Director-General of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water management, lead partner of the project Pan Baltik Scope and Mrs. Alda Nikodemuza - Head of Secretariat of VASAB (Vision and Strategy for the Baltic Sea).

All officials addressed to an international audience of 300 people messages about the importance of MSP in tackling global issues such as maritime security, cross-border cooperation, the development of science and technology, environmental protection and combating climate change, increasing interest of investors, conflict resolution and more.

The official opening was followed by key messages on behalf of the IOC UNESCO and the Director of the Scientific Center for Marine Environment of Kingdom of Monaco.Ppt MG Riga

The Forum continued with the first plenary session on "Maritime Spatial Planning in a Transboundary Context" with the participation of Mrs Maria Georgieva - coordinator of MARSPLAN-BS II project, together with Mr. Joachim Johanneson of the Swedish Maritime and Water Management Agency and Mr. Kofi Ansong, MSP expert at the University of Northern Ireland, UK. The meeting was moderated by Mr. Andrea Barbanti from the Institute of Marine Sciences, Italy. After giving presentations related to the topic, all penaliststs answered audience questions.
The International Forum continued with the MSP Fair and other plenary sessions, in accordance with the official program.