Steering Committee 13.12.2017

The STEERING COMMIITEE has the responsibility for directing and monitoring the activity of the partnership.

The Steering Committee is chaired by the LP. The purpose of the Steering Committee is to review the work plans and report the progress, accept deliverables and take decisions regarding the implementation of the project.

The steering committee usually sets up and implements a monitoring and evaluation system in order to carry out its tasks. The progress towards the achievement of the project's objectives is assessed mainly through the output and result indicators. The monitoring system will cover the effectiveness and efficiency of implementation, whether the project is progressing in line with the initial time plan presented in the application form, whether the budget plan being implemented and are allocations per budget categories being observed, how the project’s achievements relates to the encountered expenditure (costs/benefits), quality of the management and coordination.

The Steering Committee meets periodically to monitor the project progress and to review the results produced, in order to ensure that the project objectives are carried out.

One of the most important issues for the partners is to ensure the quality control and management of project activities.

The main points of discussion at the Steering Committee that took place on 13th of December 2017 in Bucharest were:

  1. Contributions from all partners regarding the information required for representations on the MSP maps.
    Fishing areas; Tourism activities; Platforms + facilities and infrastructures for the exploration of oil, gas and other sources of energy, mineral resources and for the production of energy from renewable sources - cable and submarine pipeline routes and their safety areas and protection areas; Shipping routes and traffic flows; Military training and training areas; Coastal erosion zones; Waterways - identification of conflict zones; Anchoring zones; Wind potential - wind platforms.
  2. Contributions from all partners to complete maritime spatial Plan (Mangalia-Shabla) - economic trends, major conflicts, the potential of the analyzed areas, priorities for the study area -Mangalia - Shabla , conclusions and recommendations. Next Steps.
  3. Discussions on the proposals of high quality maps made within the project for the map exhibition that will take place with the final conference in January 2018.
  4. Decisions regarding communication activities: state of the implementation of the communication activities (presentation of the communication activities included in the contract); promotional materials MARSPLAN (presentation of materials to be elaborated, discussion on the visual, content of the draft materials for the promotional materials, maps, video materials etc); website and newsletters; other dissemination activities.
  5. Calendar of activities.


  • DSC_0335 (Medium)
  • DSC_0343 (Medium)
  • DSC_0348 (Medium)
  • DSC_0353 (Medium)
  • DSC_0354 (Medium)
  • DSC_0361 (Medium)
  • DSC_0366 (Medium)
  • DSC_0367 (Medium)
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  • DSC_0393 (Medium)
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  • DSC_0446 (Medium)
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  • DSC_0454 (Medium)
  • DSC_0462 (Medium)
  • DSC_0469 (Medium)
  • DSC_0473 (Medium)
  • DSC_0476 (Medium)
  • DSC_0479 (Medium)
  • DSC_0484 (Medium)
  • DSC_0486 (Medium)
  • DSC_0489 (Medium)
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  • DSC_0540 (Medium)
  • DSC_0543 (Medium)
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